Thursday, December 17, 2009

Website Traffic is #1

There is nothing more important than getting traffic to your website or blog. Every person that comes across your URL is another viewer or potential customer. On the flip side gaining traffic can be confusing when your just starting up. I've created a list that I hope benefit's you. It will hopefully give you some insight as to "how gaining traffic" is actually quite do-able.


--Website Traffic is the key to the online community. The more Traffic you receive can indicate many things A) They found your site through a search engine for example Google. B)You have people interested in your site that continue to come back. C)Your site caught the attention of a viewer on another's website.

--There are so many ways to receive traffic these days but it does take time. You must make sure that you stay patient but at the same time persistent on your goal. Keeping yourself patient and following the next 5 steps can dramatically increase your web-page's Index Rank. (How popular website is)

1. Submit your content to social network sites.

2. Share your content with article directories.

3. Create a Twitter following campaign.

4. Submit to Blog Carnivals such as Digg or Reddit.

5. Comment on other relevant blogs or forums.

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Potential 6 Figure Income

With all the jobs in this world, it seems it would be merely a dream to make a SOLID income online. I would say 99% of the offers out there are not valid. Don't pay a program that has a signup fee or offer (usually--there scams). If you currently have a blog, or website start selling others products and earn commission. In my opinion, and are the best to start off with. The more products and structure of your website will lead you to be more effective(also profit.) The more energy, and devotion you are going to have is going to prove this point... With these kind's of things it takes patience. Your Blog can take time to create and receive traffic. But the most important thing is creating more content daily or 4-5 times a week. Devote yourself to the tasks it takes and you can be very successful.

Your Task to Blogging.

1. Make sure you PLAN what your blog will be on.

This means take some time to figure what interests you. If you have a subject that you feel you excel in, the higher chance your CONTENT will be entertaining, and the more likely people will come back!

2. Find a Blog host that works for you!

Personally I feel is very easy to understand and has many tools to help you on your journey! There are several other blog sites out their like wordpress, live journal, google blog. These are good as well, but I personally recommend!

3. Learn more about programs such as Google Adsense, LinkShare, Amazon affiliate all these programs have the potential to teach and get you on the road to making money.

4. Content is everything.

As you make a post, make sure that you are keeping readers entertained! No reader wants to stumble upon a boring site! Produce Honest Content, and try and post several times a week. The more content you have, the more likely your site will hit the search engines.

5. Don't Give up!

Like anything in life you must work hard in order to get results. The whole "Get Rich Quick" idea just isn't going to happen. Your Blog should be updated and you need to have products that relate to your topic on your sidebar. Pick a template that you think works for your blog, and stick with it. Time is everything, and if you are persistent on updating, content, and social networking you can achieve your goals.
WordPress: Visual QuickStart Guide

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Recommended Affiliate Programs

I never knew that I could find myself investing so much time into blogging. There are several things that keep me going, but the main one is the income :) I have been using LinkShare for over a year now, and I'm doing well. I wanted to mention another Affiliate Site that has been HUGE, and you can make a good amount of money. I have found that Amazon is also an extremely profitable affiliate program too. They offer many different products in which you can sell and make a % commission. So BLOGGER'S get to it today, read my post below and set yourself up for success!

Friday, December 11, 2009

My story to Blogging

The Road to becoming a successful online blogger and advertiser is at your feet. The internet has a spectrum of opportunities. Whether your looking to become one is the question. Most people know very little about the advantages of blogging let alone how you can make money with it too! But it is possible...

I often remember myself when I first got interested in how to make money online. I saw it all the scams, nonsense, and the traps that can leave you in a bundle of confusion. You think to yourself "It shouldn't be this hard, there are millions making money online!" Although in fact it is not hard to make money, but you must be able to understand the deeper meaning to it. "Money does not come to you... You must work for it." And thats what a BLOG is... Its work.

The real way to earn a decent amount of income online is to have a blog, or a website. You must be able to understand HTML which my next post will cover. A blogger must also understand the importance of CONTENT. The better you come off, the better you will be off. Learn how to design, attract, and DRIVE traffic to your site!

There is no such thing as the "Get Rich Quick" scheme, and if there is let me know! You must work for your dollars. Updating your blog frequently and monitoring the organization of it can do you a world of wonders!

One thing I should probably let you know, is that this blog is new. I am just in the Process of creating many more posts and tips :) So please look around comment give me input I want to hear what you guys have to say!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

LinkShare Affiliate Sales

Affiliate Marketing Solution

As a well known and trusted online marketing channel for finding new customers, the affiliate marketing industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds. As an advertiser, the question is often not should you have an affiliate marketing program but which partner (or agency) and which technology is right for your business.

Why Choose LinkShare?
For over a decade LinkShare has been the partner of choice by some of the best known brands in the world as well as smaller and emerging companies. When you choose LinkShare you tap into deep online marketing knowledge and experience combined with unique and patented technologies that help turn traffic into sales.
Leverage Our Strengths

* Experience and a Passion for Your Success
* Industry-Leading Patented Technologies
* A Massive Network of Quality Publishers


Personalizing your Blog

***Keep in mind those sites who tell you that you can get rich quick, are wrong. It takes time and effort and dedication to understanding Affiliate Marketing.

Choose a blog name you like:

You can choose a nice sub-domain for your blog. Just pick up one name that best describe your site. Also, it should be easily memorable to visitors. Apart from that, if you have your own domain or sub-domain, you can also use your own domain to replace the one in In the new version of blogger, you may even apply a new domain name and then host this domain at Google server at In this way, you can have an unique domain name like mine, and no need to apply for a web hosting service which is a bit expensive.

Provide your personal information:

This step is also easy. Similar to other online services you apply, just provide your name, email address etc. All the information are kept confidential, and no need to worry about the junk mails that may send to your email address.

Which Template do I choose?

Pick up a template Among a series of templates, just choose the one you love. Pick a wrong one? No worry, you can change this template whenever you want. Apart from those free templates provided in, you can also find other blogger templates in other websites. You may even pick up a three-column template like mine. If you are a HTML savvy, you can also make your own unique template.

LinkShare  Referral  Prg

Monetize Your Blog with Google Adsense!

Before you sign up for a Google Adsense Account, please make sure that you have a suitable website with enough content that has never been applied for Adsense before. In term of suitability, your site should be free from porn information and adult content. Apart from that, you site should not be made solely for displaying adsense ads. Anyway, just read the TOS and see whether your site is eligible. In other words, your site should not be content-free.

Then go to Google Adsense Signup page:, and start applying in AdSense. Provide your information including mailing address, your site URL etc. For those who wanna receive check, you can change your mailing address anytime, no worry.Afterwards, Google need to review your site and decide your site whether is suitable for putting adsense or not.

Normally, it only takes you 10 business days. However, for certain occasions, it will take as long as a month or so for Google to review. Just be patient, and wait for the reply. However, some people still say they do not receive any reply from Google after a week. Never mind, email them for such situation. They are welcome for all email inquiry.