Thursday, December 10, 2009

Personalizing your Blog

***Keep in mind those sites who tell you that you can get rich quick, are wrong. It takes time and effort and dedication to understanding Affiliate Marketing.

Choose a blog name you like:

You can choose a nice sub-domain for your blog. Just pick up one name that best describe your site. Also, it should be easily memorable to visitors. Apart from that, if you have your own domain or sub-domain, you can also use your own domain to replace the one in In the new version of blogger, you may even apply a new domain name and then host this domain at Google server at In this way, you can have an unique domain name like mine, and no need to apply for a web hosting service which is a bit expensive.

Provide your personal information:

This step is also easy. Similar to other online services you apply, just provide your name, email address etc. All the information are kept confidential, and no need to worry about the junk mails that may send to your email address.

Which Template do I choose?

Pick up a template Among a series of templates, just choose the one you love. Pick a wrong one? No worry, you can change this template whenever you want. Apart from those free templates provided in, you can also find other blogger templates in other websites. You may even pick up a three-column template like mine. If you are a HTML savvy, you can also make your own unique template.

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