Monday, December 14, 2009

A Potential 6 Figure Income

With all the jobs in this world, it seems it would be merely a dream to make a SOLID income online. I would say 99% of the offers out there are not valid. Don't pay a program that has a signup fee or offer (usually--there scams). If you currently have a blog, or website start selling others products and earn commission. In my opinion, and are the best to start off with. The more products and structure of your website will lead you to be more effective(also profit.) The more energy, and devotion you are going to have is going to prove this point... With these kind's of things it takes patience. Your Blog can take time to create and receive traffic. But the most important thing is creating more content daily or 4-5 times a week. Devote yourself to the tasks it takes and you can be very successful.

Your Task to Blogging.

1. Make sure you PLAN what your blog will be on.

This means take some time to figure what interests you. If you have a subject that you feel you excel in, the higher chance your CONTENT will be entertaining, and the more likely people will come back!

2. Find a Blog host that works for you!

Personally I feel is very easy to understand and has many tools to help you on your journey! There are several other blog sites out their like wordpress, live journal, google blog. These are good as well, but I personally recommend!

3. Learn more about programs such as Google Adsense, LinkShare, Amazon affiliate all these programs have the potential to teach and get you on the road to making money.

4. Content is everything.

As you make a post, make sure that you are keeping readers entertained! No reader wants to stumble upon a boring site! Produce Honest Content, and try and post several times a week. The more content you have, the more likely your site will hit the search engines.

5. Don't Give up!

Like anything in life you must work hard in order to get results. The whole "Get Rich Quick" idea just isn't going to happen. Your Blog should be updated and you need to have products that relate to your topic on your sidebar. Pick a template that you think works for your blog, and stick with it. Time is everything, and if you are persistent on updating, content, and social networking you can achieve your goals.
WordPress: Visual QuickStart Guide

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  1. Great stuff. I have blogged with Blogger and Wordpress and think both have plusses and minuses. Blogger is SO EASY to use it boggles the mind. While Wordpress has a rabid community of acolytes who will do anything to improve the platform. If you are a coder, Wordpress probably is best, but for the rest of us, Blogger is tops in my book.