Thursday, December 17, 2009

Website Traffic is #1

There is nothing more important than getting traffic to your website or blog. Every person that comes across your URL is another viewer or potential customer. On the flip side gaining traffic can be confusing when your just starting up. I've created a list that I hope benefit's you. It will hopefully give you some insight as to "how gaining traffic" is actually quite do-able.


--Website Traffic is the key to the online community. The more Traffic you receive can indicate many things A) They found your site through a search engine for example Google. B)You have people interested in your site that continue to come back. C)Your site caught the attention of a viewer on another's website.

--There are so many ways to receive traffic these days but it does take time. You must make sure that you stay patient but at the same time persistent on your goal. Keeping yourself patient and following the next 5 steps can dramatically increase your web-page's Index Rank. (How popular website is)

1. Submit your content to social network sites.

2. Share your content with article directories.

3. Create a Twitter following campaign.

4. Submit to Blog Carnivals such as Digg or Reddit.

5. Comment on other relevant blogs or forums.

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